Vol. XXXIII No. 1

Wake Up and Smell the Starbucks Coffee: How Doe v. Starbucks Confirms the End of “The Age of Consent” in California and Perhaps Beyond

Abstract: Since 2005, California civil courts have effectively abandoned the “age of consent” set by former California statutory rape law and, arguably, encoded in current penal code sex crime provisions. In declaring that California civil law may credit a child’s consent to sex with an adult, courts conflate or confuse legal consent, capacity, and acquiescence. […]

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Are We There Yet? Progress Toward Gender-Neutral Legal Education

Abstract: Although men and women enter law school at the same rate with similar credentials, studies demonstrate that men consistently outperform women in law school. This Article examines whether the performance gap present at other top law schools exists between men and women at Boston College Law School (BC Law). Analysis of admissions data, performance […]

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